So-U Monogram in Vermeil Gold w/ Magnetic Clasp

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For the woman who only wears gold, this 2" wide by 1.75" tall, 14k yellow-gold vermeil monogram is a must and priced right!  The 16 gauge monogram is the perfect weight to last a lifetime and become a family heirloom.  What makes this monogram unique is that the "last name" initial actually lays on top of the two side initials making it "dimensional" instead of flat.

HINT: What is vermeil?  Pronounced "vermay", vermeil gold is the official industry designation for a heavy gold electroplating over a base sterling silver material. A minimum thickness of 100 millionths of an inch or 2.5 microns of gold must be deposited before it can be marked or sold as vermeil.

The So-U Monogram connects to each So-U Necklace with a unique vermeil oval magnetic clasp that securely accepts the magnet inside a large oval.  

The monogram connects to So-U Necklaces with a Magnetic clasp.  The 2 rings on the back of the monogram have vermeil magnetic clasps permanently attached. They easly attach to the magnetic clasps on the So-U Necklaces.

Notes: Monograms and Necklaces are sold separately.

           When adding selecting your necklace(s), be sure to elect the compatible So-U Necklace with Magnetic Clasps.

When purchasing your So-U Monogram , be sure to:  Add your 3 Initials

Expected delivery time: 3 weeks.




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