Over the years, the art of creative expressionism has led Joan B. Marsh, founder and designer, down many intriguing paths in life, including: graphic designer, still photographer, portrait artist, and now jewelry designer clients across the US.

Always looking for unique designs, when Joan discovered an old silver monogram pin that belonged to her mother, she turned it into a necklace.  It began piquing the interest of many of the people she came in contact with.  "Where can I get one?" was the question people asked. 

Thus, the unique So-U! Necklace was born. 

Within 6 months of its introduction, the So-U! Necklace began gracing necklines from the United States to Europe.  

In addition to private and retail sales, Joan sells her designs through charitable trunk shows, galleries and boutiques throughout the country.

All JB Marsh Designs are proudly made in the United States with materials sourced from around the globe.