So-U Monogram in Silver and Vermeil Gold w/Magnetic Clasp

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Wearing yellow gold and silver together is a fashion-forward trend.  This 2" wide by 1.75" tall monogram invites you to mix all your favorite pieces!  The two side initials are solid, 16 gauge sterling silver and the center initial, which is placed on top, is 14k vermeil gold. 

HINT: What is vermeil?  Pronounced "vermay", vermeil gold is the official industry designation for a heavy gold electroplating over a base sterling silver material. A minimum thickness of 100 millionths of an inch or 2.5 microns of gold must be deposited before it can be marked or sold as Vermeil.

The monogram connects to So-U Necklaces with a Magnetic clasp.  The 2 rings on the back of the monogram have sterling silver magnetic clasps permanently attached. They easly attach to the magnetic clasps on the So-U Necklaces.

 Notes: Monograms and Necklaces are sold separately.

            When adding selecting your necklace(s), be sure to elect the compatible So-U Necklace with Magnetic Clasps.

When purchasing your So-U Monogram , be sure to:  Add your 3 Initials

Expected delivery time: 3 weeks.




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