Tiger Eye Necklace

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Fabulous!!!  Colored with golden bands, flecks of sand, and smudges of inky black and brown, this necklace has a silky luster and an opaque transparency.  When accented with vermeil and sterling silver beads, there’s no disputing the wild force and energy that can be found in this Tiger Eye Interchangeable Necklace.  

Each So-U Interchangeable Necklace magnetically connects to all our So-U Monograms and Pendants and comes with a 2 inch extension chain that accommodates different necklines and can be worn from 16" to 18". 

 Please select the necklace clasp that corresponds to your So-U Monogram clasp:

-Original Clasp (lobster claw) connects to the Original Monogram

-Magnetic Clasp connects to the Magnetic Monogram

Note: Monogram sold separately


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