African Charcoal Necklace

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ONE-OF-A-KIND! (You will receive this exact necklace)

The Fair Trade Beads of this charcoal stria necklace were made by Ugandan artisans trained in the art of hand rolling strips of glossy paper into the bead shape. The beads are not painted but become the color of the paper. Later the beads are harden and waterproofed with lacquer.  As durable as any gemstone or pearl, they are a sporty accessory to any outfit.  Guaranteed to inspire curiosity and compliments!

Please select the necklace clasp that corresponds to your So-U Monogram clasp:

-Original Clasp (lobster claw) connects to the Original Monogram

-Magnetic Clasp connects to the Magnetic Monogram

Note: Monogram sold separately

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